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Juniper Tech Team’s VoIP services ensure that your communication needs are met with expert efficiency. From installation and migration to VoIP training that equips your team with the necessary skills. We ensure a smooth transition to the world of VoIP.

Experience The Benefits of Juniper Tech Team's VoIP Services

  • Ease of access
  • Crystal Clear Call Quality
  • Full Feature Platform
  • Quality Customer Service

Our ongoing monitoring and maintenance service guarantees your VoIP system functions at the highest quality, minimizing downtime and disruptions. Additionally, we prioritize security and compliance, ensuring that your business communication remains safe and in line with industry standards. Call Us at (856) 335-9895 for more information.

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The fastest growing VOIP provider in The North East

We provide all of our clients with peace of mind and white glove service.

ROI Analysis

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your existing phone system and show you how we can save you money.


VoIP Solutions

Enjoy clear, crisp communication with our expertly managed VoIP services. From seamless installation and migration to comprehensive training.  We ensure a smooth transition to the world of VoIP.


VoIP Products

We use products from manufactures that are on the leading-edge of technology in order to provide the best user experience in communication.


Intuitive Platform

Log into our VoIP Service Portal from anywhere and have complete control over all of the features that allow you to customize your experience to your needs.


See why Juniper Technology is the fastest growing VOIP & UCAAS provider in the Delaware Valley

Juniper’s Tech Team phone features and unified communication platform allows office and remote workers across industries and businesses of all sizes to accomplish everything tasked to them in order to run your business. Our flexible options allow your employees to communicate with customers, peers and coworkers. Our services and tech support are all live answered by our knowledgeable staff located in New Jersey & Pennsylvania. We create a seamless phased approach to ensure there is no down time during the install process.

Increase Team Collaboration with Juniper's VoIP Solutions

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Experience the Benefits of Juniper Tech Team’s VoIP Services

Cutting-edge VoIP solutions tailored to meet the unique communication needs of your business. At Juniper Tech Team, we work closely with top data centers to ensure that your cloud communication is readily available and your data remains secure.  Experience the difference of advanced VoIP technology combined with exceptional service.

Expert Installation & Management

We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier services, ensuring that your systems are not only installed with precision but also optimized for peak performance. Trust our expertise to navigate the complexities of modern technology, providing comprehensive solutions that align with your business goals and propel you into the digital future.

Integration with Software and Applications

Juniper Tech Team offers an efficient and streamlined solution for businesses by seamlessly integrate with CRM systems and collaboration tools. With our advanced technology, you can effortlessly connect your software and applications, ensuring a cohesive and productive working environment. Experience the ease of integration as Juniper Tech Team seamlessly merges with your existing systems, optimizing efficiency and enhancing collaboration. Join us today and achieve a new level of seamless integration with our cutting-edge solutions.

Enhanced Team collaboration

We have extensive experience across various sectors, including Manufacturing and Healthcare, we possess in-depth knowledge of industry-specific IT Compliance standards like GDPR and HIPAA. This expertise enables us to deliver tailored compliance solutions, ensuring our clients can concentrate on their core business objectives with the confidence of meeting and maintaining regulatory standards. Our commitment lies in empowering clients through effective compliance management, allowing them to navigate industry-specific requirements seamlessly.

Business Continuity

Benefit from our Managed Security Services (MSSP) for unparalleled protection against threats. Our advanced features include AI threat learning, real-time threat detection, and sandboxing technologies, ensuring comprehensive security for your business.

Voip Solutions Designed For Your Business

We have the knowledge and power to buy out and break those contracts to get you onto a better platform with competitive prices. Enpower your business with the tools for success!

Work From Anywhere

Hosted PBX enables employees to work seamlessly from any location – home, other offices, even mobile phones.

Video Conferencing

Our secure, privately hosted video conferencing platform allows your employees, customers and partners to be seen and heard in a platform that integrates with Outlook.

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Voice Mail to Email

Our secure, privately hosted video conferencing platform allows your employees, customers and partners to be seen and heard in a platform that integrates with Outlook.

Fax Solutions

On Demand 24/7 Service. Customized Hardware at Competitive Prices. Experts in Tech, Install, Support & Devices. A knowledgable representative is just a phone call away. Know that when you make that call for your new VoIP Phones, you’ll get the highest quality new VoIP service.

Full Feautred Voip Platform

Our Full-Featured Platform, designed with the latest technology, is not only advanced but also user-friendly. This platform is a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that are accessible and efficient, catering to both tech-savvy users and those new to the digital world. Experience the perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity.

  • Call waiting and call holding
  • Call parking and Call forwarding

A telecommunication solutions designed to cater to your requirements now.  Stand out from our competitors with these voip premium features.

Unified Communications Service Provider

Unified Communications Service Provider

Unified Communications Service ProviderOur VoIP phone system features a unified communication platform which allows office and remote workers to accomplish everything needed in order to run your business. Whether it's a large or small business, VoIP service and Mobile...

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