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Juniper Technology is your trusted partner for business network solutions that meet your organization’s needs ensuring that your network is secure, efficient, and tailored to your unique requirements.

Network Design & Structured Cabling

Our team of experts specialize in designing and installing networks that will align with your business objectives. We streamline your business operations allowing data to flow smoothly between locations making collaboration and decision-making easier. 

Whether you’re building a new network or looking to optimize your existing infrastructure, we’ve got you covered. With our experience in Windows and Linux system administration we can get the job done right.

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We understand the complexity of IT Networking

We provide our clients with peace of mind and white glove service.

On-Premise Infrastructures

If your organization has legacy systems and/or requires heavy compliance and regulations. An on-premise solution might be best for your business. We provide seamless infrastructure setup and management services, ensuring that your hardware and software enhance your operational capabilities.

We provide you with complete control over your IT infrastructure environment, security, data privacy and compliance for any industry.

Hybrid Infrastrurctures

Discover the benefits of hybrid infrastructures that combine the best of both on-premise and cloud-based systems. Your business will be able to support remote workers, reduce the need for backup hardware, while maintaining regulatory compliance. 

We’ll help you find the ideal balance, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in your network setup. 

Specialized Mixed Environment Servers

We cater to diverse server and work station needs. A specialized mixed environment server and work station setup is a tailored IT infrastructure solution that allows organizations to optimize their IT resources to support niche business processes or tasks.

Cloud-Based Infrastructures

Unlock the potential of cloud-based solutions through our Managed Service Provider (MSP) program. We assist with cloud adoption, migration, and ongoing management, empowering your organization with enhanced agility.


Network Solutions Suited For Your Business

Network solutions are not one size fits all for every industry and business. Your business objectives should drive the custom network solution. We consider factors such as the need for scalability, data volume, latency, remote access, access to existing legacy systems, security and compliance. We provide tailored network infrastructure and management support that keeps your business operating efficiently.

IT Infrastructures Built For Your Business!

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IT Solutions DesignED For Your Business

The Juniper Technology Team works with the top data centers to ensure on-demand cloud communication and secure data. We offer remote monitoring and management services and cloud based solutions to run any service model for your business.

Superior IT Consulting

Our dedicated team of experts provide strategic guidance and innovative solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your IT infrastructure is not just managed but optimized for maximum efficiency and growth.

Expert Installation & Management

We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier services that deliver peak performance. Systems are installed with precision and we have the expertise to navigate the complexities of modern technology.

Industry knowledgE

We have extensive experience across various sectors including Manufacturing and Healthcare, Our in-depth knowledge of industry-specific IT Compliance standards like GDPR and HIPAA enables us to deliver tailored compliance solutions and ensure that our clients can concentrate on their core business objectives. Our commitment lies in empowering clients through effective compliance management, allowing them to navigate industry-specific requirements seamlessly.

Malware & threat Experts

Benefit from our Managed Security Services (MSSP) for unparalleled protection against threats. Our advanced features include AI threat learning, real-time threat detection, and sandboxing technologies, ensuring comprehensive security for your business.

Our Approach

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  • Implement
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